Recomendation Letters

If you want a recomendation letter from Josh read below.

Writing a recomendation letter takes time so please check with me to see if I have time. Some years I am writting / sumbitting letters for 8 people (undegrads, grads, postdocs, faculty) and I will have difficulty finding time for another.

If I agree here is what I’d like from you:

  • A calender event shared with me set for noon one businees day before the rec letter is due for each letter
  • An up-to-date CV / resume
  • When we first met and how
  • What you think are your technical skills / strengths
  • Any leadership roles you have held

For graduate students there are some additional questions:

  • Your teaching / TA experience
  • Your adminstration experince
Josh Combes
Josh Combes

Josh Combes is a Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research interests span several aspects of theoretical quantum physics.