Comps III or Thesis Committee

If you want Josh on your committee read below.

Because I am a physicist that is not in the physics department, I get asked to be on a lot of committees as the external examiner so it can be a scheduling nightmare.

I’m genuinely excited to be on a Comps III or a Thesis Committee. I’m also happy to fill out a when2meet. Here is what I ask of you in return:

  • As soon as the date is decided please create a calendar event with the appropriate date and time.
  • Share the calendar event with me. I’m certain many of the other committe members would apreciate this too. (This stops me from booking travel, seminars, doctor’s apointments, etc. on that date.)
Josh Combes
Josh Combes

Josh Combes is a Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research interests span several aspects of theoretical quantum physics.